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Die-Max’s production stamping facility naturally developed from our long history of designing and building stamping dies for various manufacturing industries.

Our metal stamping capabilities span a wide array of products from complex draw operations to intricate, tightly toleranced components.

We operate using a flexible production schedule and a comprehensive inventory management system which allows for us to plan high volume production runs right down to 1 – off specialized stampings depending on customer requirements.

Skilled set-up operators and satellite toolroom facilities ensure quality and consistency from start to finish. Other on site capabilities include: spot welding, CMM, warehousing and 24/7 operating capacity.


Our Presses range from 80 to 400 ton (up to 200 SPM) with bed sizes up to 84” x 116” with 60” shut height. Our material handling capabilities range from stock thicknesses of .020” up to .250” and coils weighing up to 10,000 pounds.


Quality is an integral part of every segment of our operations and building a quality product is a critical requirement for satisfying our customers. We achieve this through strict adherence to our ISO9001-2000 certified quality operating system.

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