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                        We Can Handle It


"Our commitment to lean manufacturing provides


globally competitive pricing and our dedication to


quality ensures cost effective implementation."

Die-Max provides their customers with highest level of service from the engineering and design phase to production, machining, shipping, and implementation phase.


Die-Max primarily provides services for automotive, retail, construction and furniture industries and treats each customer with the utmost respect.   


Die-Max produces a broad array of components and finished products from various metal alloys. We can custom design and build metal stamping tools as well as assembly machines for both internal use and external customers.


In addition to product fabrication, machining, and delivery process, Die-Max strives to keep their customers in touch with their product during each phase using a sophisticated information system:


Weekly reports are produced by skilled engineering staff by collecting data from all aspects of the production process.


On demand access to current, real-time, production status using a secure web login process. Each customer is provided with an individual account that grants them access to pertinent statistical information such as - progress reports, development costs, timeline, assembly, testing, shipping and delivery information.


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